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Clearly a man’s bathroom.

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This let’s play just started and I’m already dying because Gavin is basically cosplaying as his gta character


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di-glossia replied to your post:

I keep expecting a dick but there’s no dick.

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u tell them babe


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PART 1 / PART 2 {incoming}

Maybe I’m late but it’s 1.35 am and I not care-
Well, I’ll tell you a tale where me was on bed thinking at this beautiful ship. Then this comes in my head- and that’s ironic because I’m italian and I don’t know why these phrases comes inside my head in english anyway- and 2 month ago I’ve started to draw 20 pages of this little comic. Aaaaand sadly yes, I finish only these, till now.

Ok, seriously, I was wondering how and where they could meet the first time, and I thought an headcanon where Tony was the kitchen clock, before it was moved in living room. One day, after looong and loong curious looks, a little help from wind opened the notebook, allowing her to return those looks at his admirer. So, Tony decided to use his ability to show what they might do, finally togheter. But, this ‘thing’, the ‘love’ they share it’s a double meaning: they love each other exactly how much both love the blood, gore and all the orrible things that the two videos show to us. Indeed, the more you read more it becomes dark. Initially soft ending hard. Exactly how when you watch a Don’t touch me, I’m scared.
Enjoy it.
{Sorry for any english error(?)}

Design by Aishaneko

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you sell outs!!

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straight boys don’t shut their mouths because their lips would be touching and that’s gay

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unleash hell for just $1.50

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Thor: The Dark World (liveblog) [x]

The thing that gets overlooked in fandom a lot is that Thor had a plan for all of this.  The scene in the Dark Elf Harrow, where Thor makes a big, noisy exit to cover for the more subtle one shows that Thor knows how to use misdirections and assumptions about him against others pretty smartly.

We also know that it was Thor’s plan to have Loki pretend to stab him and cut off his hand, which was illusion magic and clearly planned out ahead of time.

Now, they don’t specifically spell it out, because they can’t, as they needed to keep up the suspense in the “laying out the plan” scenes, they wanted Loki’s “betrayal” to come across as genuine, so they made it seem like Thor knew he would try, rather than that Thor directly planned to use it.  But that “betrayal” was the plan from the beginning, that was Thor’s plan that was probably going to get them killed, that was the plan Loki wasn’t in on until after they got to Svartalfheim.

So, that line about “When you betray me, I’ll kill you.” seems a lot more interesting when you consider that Thor walked into that prison with this plan already set in mind, that Loki was supposed to betray him, was supposed to be in on the plan once they reached Svartalfheim.  Which means I think Thor said it because this was part of the con against Loki as well—get him to think that Thor was only going to trust him so far, so that Loki would work a little harder and Thor would be a step ahead of him for as long as he needed to be.

It was just dumb luck (because I pretty much go JE REFUSE at the idea that Loki planned what happened with Kurse) that Loki wound up wriggling out of the whole thing.

And this makes a good amount of sense to me, because it’s literally only HOURS LATER that Thor suddenly is putting all this trust in Loki when he COULD have just tied Loki to the prow of the skiff and left him there and gone off to face Malekith alone, if he REALLY didn’t trust him.  And there’s nothing that Loki said during that conversation on the skiff that would have changed Thor’s mind, it ended with Thor saying, “I wish I could trust you.” (which he means he wishes he could trust Loki without having to try to think around him, to lie to him to get him where he needs to be), so why does Thor suddenly trust him?

Because he always planned to.

(You could argue, I suppose, that Thor came up with the plan after Loki’s “Trust my rage.” comment, but… that seems like an awful lot to come up with on the fly, when we know Thor had a plan in mind ahead of time and that one of the main plot points of the movie was that he lied to Loki and fooled him.)

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